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  • Shot holes for Seismic surveys
  • Mineral exploration
  • Soil investigation
  • Water well
  • Foundation, grouting and test drilling for jetties, high rise building, etc.

The Jacro 150 and Jacro 175 rig is a completely redesigned version based on the original Jacro idea of using portable modules to build up a heavy performance hydraulic top drive drill. This rig is being used successfully in some of the most remote and difficult terrains in the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia for Seismic shot hole drilling.

In combination with the DG Compressor pack it has the ability to hammer drill with minimum downtime and maximum penetration.

The Jacro rig is available in 2 standard versions - Jacro 150 and Jacro 175 depending on the nature of drilling involved.

Jacro 150 rig (Learn more)

Completely assembled rig with a compressor package and has been used down to 30M with 76MM hammer drilling and 50M open hole with 100MM drag or rock bit. It is light weight and portable rig specially designed for drilling in harsh conditions where extra pull down and rigidity are required.

Jacro 175 rig ( Learn more)

This is the original Jacro with high standards of performance capacities for deeper and wider drilling. It can be used for deep hole flush drilling with optional mud pump. The combination with 110D compressor gives excellent result in terms of minimum downtime and maximum performance.

  • For open hole drilling (flush drilling) 60m. depth using 12cm drag or tricone roller bit.
  • For diamond core drilling 50m. depth with N or H size equipment.
  • For auger drilling 18m. depth with 8cm auger on sandy strata or soft ground.
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